Ice And Snow


Ice and Snow, a part of D.N. Angel.

It's the story of Elliot, a nobleman's son, and a village girl, Freedert. It was said that they fell in love, regardless of the social ranking. They were happy together. However, the two were separated. Not because of the protests of the people around them, but because of a war. Elliot promised to come back and Freedert believed in him. Freedert prayed at the church for her lover's safety. But her prayers were in vain, Elliot was shot with an arrow at back. He was defending their last stand, to protect the village of the one he loved. When she heard the news, Freedert went to the village's church. She prayed for her "time" to be transferred to him. That girl's. Prayer was answered. Elliot was risen from the dead, and when he woke up, he was surrounded not by his blood, but by the red petals of Freedert's favorite flower. By the time Elliot returned, he learnt of Freedert's sacrifice too late. "Please exchange her stopped time with my own time!" he cried. And the God, in exchange for their time promised "eternity" upon their village. And the God was transformed in the "second time of hand".

"The Second Time of Hand" appears in "Ice And Dark". It seems like all the editions were published after the cultural revolution. The story itself wasn't written after the cultural revolution. It was actually written before the cultural revolution. And there seemed to be a sort of problem with it, that's why the copies were destroyed. And the problem was the story itself. And so, in other words, the story Ice And Snow has an unknown side to it. A side that is shrouded by the darkness.

During the "Cultural Revolution" that there was a change. Some elements in the original story were revised to the tale that is known today. And since the original conveyed cruelty, "Ice And Snow's" real title should be "Ice And Dark". The Story of the water and darkness. The true story of "Ice And Dark" was said to be even sadder than the story of " Ice And Snow". The real one was replaced by the duplicate and simultaneosly , its desription was recorded in the fine arts and magic. And so it was revised, it was said to safeguard the truth, that not every fairytale has a happy ending, Ice And Dark.

Freedert and two young boys shared a childhood friendship. Elliot, Kyle, and Freedert. They three were always together. Elliot was the son of a lord, despite this. The three of them were very happy as a group. However, Elliot and Freedert become a lot closer for some reason. And it progressed to love. But it wasn't without its consequences. Then came a time when a war began, and Elliot was called to lead a division. Before he left for the battlefield, he made a request to Kyle, who was the Freedert's closest friend as well. "Yes, it would be up to you to protect her". And Elliot left. As for Kyle. But Kyle loved Freedert as well, and his feelings were unrequited. He began to hate Elliot. But Elliot and Freedert were together. And by now, he could no longer ignore his feelings. Kyle then went and prayed to the "Second Time of Time" which was the village's symbol. He then made an evil wish. "I beg of you. Cut off Elliot's time! I know that this is a mistake. But please! Release her from that person! Let Elliot die at the battlefield! So that Freedert will be mine!" That wish came true. Elliot was hit at the back by an arrow. He fell heavily. However, that particular arrow was neither fired by the enemy nor by accident. Witnesses would later claim that the arrow was in the shape of a huge and sharp second hand piece. But when Freedert heard the news, she begged the village symbol to take her time instead. "Please give my time to him" she said. If it wasn't for Elliot's sake, Kyle would never have known that the Freedert would give up her life. Having been revived by Freedert's sacrifice, Elliot returned. But the village was in ruins. The people had dissapeared. And Freedert, whose life he tried to protect, had already dead. "It could be said that I am alive now because of her given time, but i want it to be returned to her" Wishing that his timebe transferred for Freedert's safety, he took her sword and plunged it into himself. And so, the "Second Time of Hand" took pity on them and granted the wish. And the time, when it stops, it will not be possible to move again.

It has started to collapse, "The Second Hand of Time". And so, it is in Elliot's hands that "The Second Hand of Time" began. The sword of Freedert is cursed, it was written. It's not just an ordinary love-hate drama. Lives are at stake. and being attached here. One more thing, in the original, Kyle's sword were written in the beginning of the book. That persons wish ends in tragedy. The entire story recorded, is a true story. And the Kyle Andrew, is the author of this book, "Ice And Dark". He left the town after that, he survived the war, with his injured body, he experienced all kinds of misfortune. When completely lost his mind, he left this book behind and committed suicide. From another point of view, the role of the guard that Second Time of Handplays can be seen from his death. To humans, "time" represents life, in other world, the "time" of the person who made an evil wish is probably under the control of "Second Hand of Time". His life is one that doesn't allows death. With his regret, despair and pain, and only after he repented by passing on this story to the future generations was it able to come to an end

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