"I won't forget about you, even if you don't remember me"
"Call out her name a hundred times, a thousand times, until you remember her"
"Do as you will"


"You don't have to suffer alone, you don't have to carry the burden by yourself. Let your friends take some of your pain, and resolve that goes with it"
"Did you ever think about how everyone around you felt while you tried to carry everything on your own"
"Could you please share how you're really feeling with us? We're supposed to share how we feel inside, when we're happy and sad. Otherwise, we'll all feel lonely and left out"
"As long as we're alive, there are gonna be times when we don't agree with others, but you have to decide how you'll let that affect your life"


"If you want to cry, then cry. If you want to shout, just shout. If you mad, go crazy. If you want to talk, just talk. Cause I will be there for you. I maybe not able to help, I maybe just listen. Do anything you want, but don't ever leave. Because, if there is one thing that I can't handle, is losing you"


"If I tell you I miss you, can we always be together? If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever?"


"It is always wise to look ahead but difficult to look farther than you can see"


"If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I"


"Cintailah sesuatu sewajarnya, karena mungkin suatu ketika ia akan menjadi sesuatu yang engkau benci. Dan sederhanalah dalam membenci, karena suatu saat mungkin ia menjadi sesuatu yang kau cinta"


"I wish you happiness"
"I said I'm going, so I'm going"
"You don't have to love everything"


"Would you be sad if I wasn't here?"
"I'll wait ten years, so don't find anyone else"
"I'll wait for you only one month, so make sure you return"
"I wanted to become someone that my beloved would notice"
"Is it really okay for me to sit on the throne? You might regret it later"
"I want you to know that, even with the way I am, as long as I try, I can accomplish something"
"I will find my own way slowly, it will be allright even if it's a very small thing"
"Why did you leave without saying anything?"
"How can you not stand by your word?"
"Even if your eyes lose their light, I will stay by your side, I want to become your light"
"Even if you don't let me follow, it's useless. Because i will follow you myslef, I won't let you abandon me again"


"Whenever you're sad, I'll be there for you, and cry with you"


"The worst thing a guy can do is make a girl fall for him when he has no intention of catching her"
"Why it can't be you who loves me the way I am?"
"When it comes to love, girl always wait, but guys are always late"
"If one day you want to cry, call me! I can promise that I'll bring you any laugh but I can cry with you. If one day you need to run, call me! I won't stop you but I'll run with you. If one day you don't want to hear anyone, call me! I'll shutting my mouth up. And if one day you call me and no answer, come to me! Maybe that day I really need you"
"I am not perfect, but you should wait for me"
"Saying that you are okay is so much easier rather than explaining all the reason why you're not"
"Loving you was easy, losing you was hard. Loving you is still easy, but knowing you are no longer mine, is the hardest of it all"
"Maka cintailah dalam hening, agar jika memang bukan dia yang ditakdirkan untukmu, maka cukuplah Allah dan kau yang tahu segala rasamu, agar kesucianmu tetap terjaga, agar keanggunanmu tetap terbias"
"Tell me, have you forgotten about me?"
"I though that if two people were destined for each other, things would surely be okay even if they were separated. But, that was just my own foolishness"
"This is something that you can't do anything about, no matter how worried you are. So, why don't we stop thinking about it and put it aside for now?""No matter how hard you try, you only have two hands to achieve things, a pair of hands is incapable of rewriting history, it's very important to recognize those things that can't be done"
"Berbicara dengan data, bekerja dengan rencana dan berpikir dengan logika"


"As if it were a bird robbed of it's wings and unable to fly, my heart has begun to yearn for it's lost feathers. I'm coming, Dark"
"It doesn't matter if you don't need me anymore, I still want you to remember me"


"The waxing or waning moon symbolizes hatred or dissension. The new moon symbolizes death and destruction. But for a vision of the future, you need the full moon"
"No matter what we do, he won't change back to how he once was"


"If the two of us could be together, that would surely be paradise"
"To be able to celebrate my birthday with you, I'm very happy"
"If you want something, you must take it, before it dissapears"
"Those who say I wish for nothing simply do not understand their own inner hearts"
"I won't die, because there is still something I must do"
"Please don't hide your pain from me, I know I can't do anything to help. But at least let me worry about you"
"Even if you have no special powers, as long as you put your heart into it, you can soothe the greatest pain"
"There is nothing that she needs to know, if she hasn't already noticed"
"Nothing will change if you keep everything to yourself"
"Because I've been waiting too, waiting for someone who can stay by my side"
"I don't want to become a burden, so I'll do my best, please let me go with you"
"I won't give up, so that I'll become stronger for sure"
"Today, you're better than you're from yesterday. And tomorrow, you will be better than the you of today. Little by little, becoming stronger through countless battles. That's what it means to be strong"
"What's wrong? Are you lonely? Wounded? Don't be afraid"
"If you give up now, all will be for nothing. Continue to feed your desires, become stronger and stronger. Who you are does not matter. What others do to stop you does not matter either. I hope that you'll pursue all your hopes and dreams to the fullest"
"Let us walk into the wind, and we will not stop until we find a land worthy of peace"
"I think it must be hard for just one person, but, because we all together, it's better"
"To live without regrets"
"Even when dark clouds cover your smile, even when rain blocks your voice, I wish your heart will not dissapear"
"Thanks for worrying about me"
"No matter where she goes, she is always a princess"
"I might not be the best, but I'll definitely try my best"
"You need to use your strength to protect everything that you love"
"Spread your wings and fly high, in the open sky, you both dreamed of being together"
"Bitter remorse and regret, he has turned them into strength, that's why, now he will protect all that he loves"
"Go and come back, I'll be here until you return"
"But eventhough there are bitter moments in our journey, there are happy moments as well"
"Because you were there, i was able to win"
"You don't need to hesitate, please finish your though"
"I will go back no matter what"
"Like catching the snow, can my hand reach your heart?"
"The things that I want to convey are not words, just something I want to leave behind"
"It's allright, it will be enough if you just recover"
"I must become strong, that why mother won't have to worry, and will be able to rest"
"Quickly, i want to become even stronger"
"Those who went to underworld could never return, like the burning flame, nothing stays the same throughout time, because everything changes, because there's no turning back time, we have to live through this one lifetime without any regret"
"Without a doubt, you'll become stronger, later, you'll encounter many things, and become very, very strong, eventhough right now things do not happen as you wish, the strength you have will support you and guide you"


"As long as you're okay, nothing else matter"
"Why do I always hurt his feelings?"
"You think you can do anything as long as you don't mean to hurt her?"
"Said it's okay, so it's okay"
"I promised, I'd protect her"
"No matter who you like, I'll always like you"
"F : I won't lose to anybody | M : Okay, but don't overwork yourself"
"Why don't you just cry like you want to?"
"If anything happens, you come to me first. I'll help you, no matter what"
"Just be yourself and make what you always make and it will be great"
"All i want to do is protect what's important to me"
"I'll do anything to help you"
"I can't always be with you, but there will someone who will stand by you and give you courage. So, good luck, don't give up"
"Thank you for everything you did for me, I can't thank you enough. But if there's anything I can do for you, I'll do it"
"Just make sure you follow your dreams"
"Because you is by my side, I have the strength to move on"
"This time, you'll definitely be happy"
"Don't suffer alone, I will always stand by your side, no matter what happens"
"No matter if it's happiness or sadness, we'll go through it together, that's what you call family"
"I really like him, eventhough he already rejected me. I want to watch over him, until he regains true happiness"
"It doesn't matter even I can't stay by his side, because he's the one i like the most"
"No matter where I am, I'll always rooting you"
"She's in danger now, if I don't go to her side now, I'm sure I'll regret it my whole life"
"Please God, I beg You, please don't take away anymore of the people that are important to me"
"I don't want to lose anyone else that's important to me anymore"
"You have to create your own future"
"No matter what sad or painful times there were, everyone gave me so much encouragement. The things that everyone said to me made me stronger, everyone's kindness give me courage"
"I won't be discouraged anymore in future"

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