Treasure the Life, and Be Happy!


I'm accustomed to hearing people complaining about their life. Their fear of future, their dissapointed of past, their wrath of present. The food they eat, the home they live, the job they do. About annoying friends, killer teachers, or someone they don't know well. We're human. We're judging. We're complaining. So do I. I'm one of them. Until I realize, I don't have time for thinking negatively of life. This is my only one life. Only one chance.

For the people who never know about death, everything will be okay. I don't know about death well. All I know just sorrow behind them, solitary, darkness. Let me think, God reminds me with death. Not once, not twice, more than. It was sick. Feeling emptiness. Feeling scared. Like a jokes, but for real. I'm fear of death. About solitary, about darkness, about angels. About hell and the heaven. And the most. I can't meet anyone. I just can see them, crying, smiling, laughing, talking. Without have any abilities to stay with them, sharing, warning. I can't have any dreams. I can't enjoy the process. What for? Everything was finished.

That's why although my life was so ordinary. I feel my life was so blessed. He gives me life. Trust it, God has two special gift for everyone who prays: A life and heaven. So what are you waiting for? Just life to the fullest. Enjoy everything, be grateful, be happy, and share it. Don't ever think about death, no matter how big trouble you had. My friends said

"Life, just life even you think it was more horrible than death, because we never know how horrible the death is"

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