"When everything is going right, we don't notice. But when things fall apart, we react. Maybe the key to happiness - is just noticing" -Unknown

I never thought I will contribute on this blog project, but February gives me a sweet yet bitter lessons about it: Stay.

People come and go, people are replaceable. I was a believer of that terms. That's what life taught me. But when it comes to real life - especially the love life, it's not that easy.

Several months ago, I met a guy who talks about hope. He makes me have a little interest to talk about future. He makes my heart flutters a little bit. To take it short, I fall for him. Our days together was shorter than this post, but the pain I got was real. Sometimes I wonder what makes it feels so bad, is it the hope that can't be granted, or just because the last time I got hurt was two years ago. But even if someone accustomed to feel pain, every pain was different right?

"People are talking about marriage and I got hurt because of breaking up" - my mind says it clearly the day after we choose different path. It hurts, but then, I start notice some magical things.

That I never left alone.

My cellphone doesn't stop ringing from the chats and calls for some days. Some people talks on phone for one hours - or more, the other give a long but meaningful chats, the other come and stay with me.

I feel like I'm blessed. I might have fall so hard because of my nature on love-life but I didn't. I have so much people besides me. As simple and as beautiful that they give their time to hear my stories even it's not that important for them. They give me courage even they're struggling to face their own problem. But they're all here. Stay with me even I'm not good enough for them. Help me even I'm not always be there for them.

And if my family and friends isn't enough, my older brother even came. We're not keep in touch for some years, I haven't met him for the last three years but when I get down. He came back.

Then, I realized something.

Seeing that they tried their best to comfort me, to help me, to stay with me. I know I can't make them dissapointed. I wake up and heal the pain as fast as I can. I don't even know it could be that fast than I predict, their support and love were surrounds me. They said I should be happy, then I'll do it.

One thing for sure.

This time, I know who stays with me. I know I'll never let them fall. I'll protect them well. And like they're stay with me, I'll stay with them too. Helping me when I fall was difficult, so due to grateful feeling towards everyone who helps me, I think it's okay to prevent myself from falling again, I won't get dragged down easily again. *praise the God to grants my wish*

And the dark side of me said: it's okay to fight with those who try to bring me down. I won't let my people do the hard work again and again.

Ps: You'll face the problem on your own level. Please be considerate to others.

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  1. terkadang kita merasa tidak sanggup dalam menghadapi masalah tapi ternyata orang-orang terdekat mau membantu kita untuk melalui masalah tersebut

  2. Ini sambungan dari postingan sebelumnya ya? \:p/

    Well, semangat! Ini padahal awalnya sedih, tapi... UJUNGNYA KOK PAMER KALO HAPE RAME YAAA. *kabur naik uber*

    1. mwahaha masih nuansa yang sama sih ya. DUH GAK MAKSUD LOH TAPI GAK APA DEH KALO KESINDIR :)))

  3. Lucky you, having lovely people who stick with you when you're facing your problems...

  4. Ketika sedang memiliki masalah, biasanya kita jadi tau siapa yang berada di dekat kita