As half Javanese and Sundanese who lives in Jakarta for more than 20 years, I've accustomed with that "mudik" tradition. But however, it doesn't interest me that much. This year we went to Kutoarjo and Kebumen (father's home). Since my father's parents passed away some years ago, we rarely come here, it's been 3 years since our last visit *blaming the traffic and short holiday*

So talk about weakness, as I've mentioned before, "mudik" doesn't interest me that much. I got easily bored, the long trip with a car was tiring - we can't choose other transportation since we have many people to meet and the distance between was no joke. Not to mention the internet connection was poor and there's nothing much I can do. This time, we shorten our visit. Due to the plan, we will be back on Sunday but in fact, on Thursday we're already in Jakarta.

Well, I've shared my negative thoughts so I need to share my positive thoughts too.

Even it was tiring (that much), meet up with my family was always fun. Social media was full of question like "kapan nikah?" (intentionally write that in Indonesia's language) but nobody asked that in my family. Furthermore, they still give me THR. Mwahaha. I thought 24 just a number ya?

The atmosphere here was good, too! Jadi, di dekat rumah itu ada pasar yang wangi banget kemenyan, di sebrang rumah ada yang jual batu nisan, dan di dekat rumah ada pohon kenanga. Refreshing in another way, right? Not to mention that in other house, we're surrounded by a farm with those big trees and rice fields, typical Indonesian village. My major love is.... we can find a beach, here! Even the waves were big and the water isn't that clear, it helps me that much.

So this is my mudik story, what's yours? :")

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  1. I don't know how to say it but "mudik" is very exciting. Especially when meeting with big families, enjoying the atmosphere of the hometown and re-interact with childhood friends. Happy eid mubarak 1438 H, Taqabbalallahu minna waminkum.

    1. just read your comment now, happy belated eid mubarak! :D

  2. It's looked like you have great mudik stories. I always wanted to go to a place that surrounded by farms and hills. But, the city i was born is extremely hot, just as hot as Jakarta. You'll know that it is extremely hot when you just had a shower and already got sweat. Can you guess my city? Nice Blog by the way. Jadi pengen ke Kebumen. :D.

  3. pantainya bagus ya dan satenay bikin ngiler

  4. ini pantai apa mbak? sha juga kemaren ke kebumen :)