Welcome To Desiana's (Comfort) Zone!

Hello! Welcome to ADESIANA introduction page :D

Start with: Call me Desi.
I’m half Sundanese and half Javanese-Banjar who born and live in Jakarta. Majoring management of education in college, currently I’m working as social media specialist at advertising agency. Well, I do everything that makes me happy! I think I like everything, especially the sky with their fullmoon and east star, the mountain with their forests and breeze, and the sea with their blue and white collaboration. Oh, and anime and those Korean drama(s).

I think I am..
A nice person. As long as you was kind to me. Interests in environment, (and recently) in fashion, beauty, travel, and healthy living. I do anything I like as long it doesn't cross the line. Ethics first. I don't care about the clothes you wear but I will shout to the people who humiliate people just because the clothes they wore, or how they look. Act based on mood, or sometimes, mood based on people act towards me. I like to learn and know anything, the simplest or the hardest as long as it made me excited. I made my goal clear by put them down on a paper, list time by time, then struggling and praying for get them all. A crybaby who try to look strong in front of people and told herself don't cry, don't cry when having problems. A very good friends if you come closer first, and will proudly say farewell when it comes. Little tips: Know me by my act, not by my words.

About Another Diary..
Well, this is my first blog. I've write since 2009 (and I use it as diary). Sorry to say that some posts I've made on 2009-2011 was changed to draft. It was a secret for public to know, but a memories for me. I thought I was a random blogger, I don't know the colour of my blog, but no problem. I'll write any good and useful posts for you to read. The reason why I came back to this blog is because I see soo many people who inspires me: Chacha Thaib, Elle and Jess Yamada, Anastasia Siantar, Andra Alodita, and Sasyachi. I think it will be nice if I could write anything and let you all read them. Until now, I still feel like 'YES! ALHAMDULILLAH!' if I hear people say 'Desi, I've read your blog' or increased traffic.

I should say thank you for all the readers who ever read mine. I will provide you with a good posts that will inform you, made you smile, or only as time-killer.

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